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10 Bizarre Rules In Cricket That You Probably Don’t Know 

Cricket is a gentlemen’s game. It is always played in spirit, no matter what its rules say. But there have been some rare incidents that have given birth to some of its most bizarre rules. So, let us take a look at them in detail: 

-> Whether it is out or not out, the fielding team should appeal: 

In the game of cricket, a batsman can only be declared out if the fielding team appeals for that particular dismissal. So, it doesn’t matter whether the batsman is out or not out, the fielding team should always appeal.

-> The ‘Helmet’ Penalty:

If the ball touches the helmet of the wicket-keeper kept on the ground, it is declared as a penalty and the batting team is awarded 5 runs for it.

-> Leg Before Wicket: 

If a ball strikes any part of the batsman (not necessarily the leg), and if that part of the body is in front of the wicket, then the batsman can be given out depending upon the interpretation of the umpire.

-> Playing in the spirit of the game is the utmost priority: 

 Well, the video says it all!

-> Hitting a particular delivery twice? You are out, son!

A batsman can be declared out if he deliberately strikes with the bat more than one time on a single ball. Inadvertent double strikes are given not out though.

-> Protective gears are meant for safety, not for taking wickets!

If a fielder takes the catch after the ball has hit his cap or helmet, then it is considered as not out. But if the ball touches any other part of his body and after that he catches it, then batsmen is considered out.

-> Spider Cam is not an extra fielder!

If the cricket ball hits the spider cam floating over the ground, then it considered a dead ball (even if it is a sure-shot catch or six). 

-> Mankading 

If the batsman at the non-striker’s end is out of crease and if the bowler in his follow through (he should not initiate his action) takes the bails off, then the non-striker batsman is out. 

-> Provision to stop body-line

10 Bizarre Rules In Cricket That You Probably Don't Know 1

In Cricket, we can not have more than two fielders behind the square on the leg-side across all formats. This is done keeping in mind the spirit of the game as because the bowler can have fielders on both side behind the batsman and can keep on delivering bouncers.

-> A rule which is applied rarely

In an attempt to save a six, the fielder can jump and stop the ball going over the boundary. If the ball still manages to cross the boundary rope then he cannot go outside the boundary and volley the ball back in, even if he jumps to stop the ball. It will be considered as six. The rule came into play after this one of a kind incident.


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