13 year old guy in Siddhartha Nagar dies after a ball hit him

Shashi / 15 December 2014

The cricketing world has not yet recovered from the Philip Hughes incident , and it saw another sad incident , after an Indian umpire died in a cricket match in Israel. Now a latest incident has been reported in SiddharthaNagar in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

In the Pathra village in SiddharthaNagar, a 13 year old guy named Kishore died after a ball hit him on his chest. Kishore was a student of Class 6.

The incident has yet not been reported to the police. The villagers came to know about the incident after the ball had hit Kishore and the other children playing along with him ran to the villagers to tell them about the incident.

The villagers then took Kishore to the hospital but then a doctor , who was called from a nearby village declared that Kishore is no more.

Following such incidents, there is a need for the concerned authorities to look into the safety of the players , to minimise such incidents. Also, some more safety equipments have to be used by the batsman , especially to safeguard the neck portion.

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