One year since a tragedy took away the life of a great talent Phillip Hughes; during a practice session at Adelaide a club cricketer escaped a serious injury while bowling in the nets to Mitchell Marsh.

 The training sessions were going on at the Adelaide Oval and in one of the nets a spinner who plays in the city’s club competition was hit on the head by the pink ball while trying to save Mitchell Marsh’s drive. The impact was profound and practices in all the nets stopped to provide aid to the bowler. The bowler initially tried to stand on his feet to only fall on all fours later. Mitchell Marsh, David Warner and Steve O’Keefe rushed to help the fallen bowler.

With assistance from the Australian team doctor Peter Bruckner, immediate medical attention was given to the spinner. He was taken away from the nets for a medical examination which later revealed a lacerated ear because of the impact of the ball. He was treated for the same and thus escaped any serious injuries or threats.

The incident left the players shaken. Though normalcy returned soon after the player was taken away for a medical examination, Mitchell Marsh did not resume his position in the nets. It was only after some time that he came and finished his practice. This incident comes on the eve of Phillip Hughes death who died due to a haemorrhage after being struck on the head by a bouncer. Though the spinner did not sustain any serious injuries this raises a question as to how safe the sport is anymore.

Tomorrow, the first day-night test match will be played between Australia and New Zealand and given the unfamiliarity of the players with playing under the light, there are a lot of safety concerns too. And this incident will surely make people wary of playing in those conditions.

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