As India and Pakistan locked horns against each other in a tense clash, some people decided to use twitter to express their opinions. Here are some of the bites from twitter.


Tom Cooper’s tweet after his master class innings against Ireland.

When India faces Pakistan in a cricket match, then there is no room for any other news and latest developments.

Twitter Sensation Trendulkar took the attack to the Pakistanis during the course of the game. Here are some of his gems.

Amit Mishra’s beauty to dismiss Ahmed Shahzad turned a mile.

Seems like Akmal Brothers are the undisputed Kings in getting dismissed by run-outs in Twenty Cricket.

Navjot Singh Sidhu had a great time in the Hindi commentary box during the IndoPak clash. People who watched the match in Start Sports 1 might have missed his enthusiastic commentary.

Pakistani batsmen deserve some respect for giving tribute to their former skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq.

The recently held Asia Cup tie between India and Pakistan is still fresh in the minds of fans. Here is one of the evidence

Wife represents India in Tennis and Husband represents arch rivals Pakistan in Cricket.

Finally Shahid Afridi reaches 18 years old.

A Hopeless Pakistani fan during the innings break

Chennai Super Kings’ official twitter handle is rooting for their rivals’ skipper to perform well.. #DividedByIPLUnited ByCountry

The Cameraman for the match is more attracted towards the girls and here is one fan who is affected his work ethic.

Junaid Khan’s Jump has been the talk of the town for a while.

Rohit Sharma is a slow starter. But once he gets his eye in, he trashes the ball to all parts of the ground.

Pakistan’s unbeaten Fridays against India seemed to have gone.


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