May be the biggest misconception that cricket fans have about the Twenty20 format is that it is only for the youngsters and the new generation. According to Times of India, both youngsters and veterans have been effective in every department equally, in this version of Cricket. Yet, this slambang version of T20 cricket is still called a game for the youngsters. Every season of the Indian Premier League witnesses the new kids, emerging from different parts of the world, some fade away with time while some continue their form to survive in the new format. But there are many veterans who also manage to carry on their dream run with their vast experience, although they don’t possess the same level of threat as a batsman or a bowler compared to their glory days, but they still have the ‘been there, done that’ kind of attitude. May be not for the same team again and again but they have contributed well enough in every club they have played for.

If we take a quick look at Twenty20 international cricket records in the recent past, it will become crystal clear to us that experience runs this format too. The players who rule the roost are the older and the experienced ones. Brendon McCullum, the Kiwi batsman, who has recently retired, is the highest Twenty20 international run scorer, whereas the Pakistani veteran all-rounder Shahid Afridi tops the list of the leading wicket takers in the game.

Even if we check the T20 records summing up all kinds of forms, most of the senior players still remain as top performers. Everybody knows the mighty power hitter cum batsman Chris Gayle, from West Indies who is 36 years old and has scored the most runs across all the forms of Twenty20 format.

We are now in the 9th season of IPL, and all of the auction rounds witnessed a major buyback of veteran players, which is a story of every auction in IPL. We are not talking about the players who made all the headlines by their high prices but the veteran players who have earned their places first by beating many new talents in the game. They have proved that they still have it. As most of these players were featuring regularly for the limited over format of the game, at the end of the day it is all about class, which is permanent!


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