48 runs in an over : David 'Hard-hitter' Warner

Paulami Chakraborty / 04 September 2015

Cricket is a game that involves both excellence of the bowler as well as the batsman. It is such a contest where anything can happen any moment, where one can’t feel secure even if it seems like they will win as the game can turn anytime. But from a point that 50 runs are needed in 9 balls if a match turns to a victory for the batting team? That is quite unbelievable, isn’t it? But cricket has seen that too.

It was the Hong Kong Sixes tournament of the year 2010 when in a match, Australia was facing Pakistan. It was the second innings where Aussies were batting and at the crease was David Warner. Warner is known as one of the most aggressive batsmen and a hard hitter and from Pakistan, it was Imran Nazir who to bowl the over.

 Before we progress at what happened next, here are the special rules of Hong Kong Sixes tournament.

1. Each team consists of six players.

2. There are six balls in each over and each team gets to bowl 5 such overs. The number of balls per over is 8 when it is the final match of the tournament.

3. Each member of the side has to bowl an over, except the keeper.

4. Wides and Nos contribute 2 runs each.

5. If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed, the last remaining batsman bats on with the fifth batsman acting as a runner. He always takes strike. The innings is complete when the sixth wicket falls.

6. Batsmen retire on 31 runs not out and then he returns when lower order batsmen are either out or have retired.

In the mentioned game the target was off 50 runs, balls remaining 9 and then it was a David Warner show. Things started off with two consecutive sixes and then?

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