Our cricketers make headlines for all the good and bad causes. When they play, they attract media and when they do not play, they still make attract media. The best part is that they know how to make every fans equally cheerful. While thousands of young boys look up to them for their game and sportsman spirit, attitude and styles they also make women go weak in their knees through their class, style, distinctive personality and stylish hairstyles.

1. Ishant Sharma (India): Ishant Sharma revealed his story of keeping his long hair. When he was very young, even before the age when he had considered cricket as a practical career option ahead of basketball, he was being summoned by an elderly man in their moholla. He seemed very helpful, and often offered him candies and other goodies, said Ishant.

The media waited with bated inhalation as Ishant added that the man was so nice to him. But then, he fell ill. He went to visit him regularly. One day, in his deathbed, he asked Ishant whether he could keep his last wish. He had agreed.

The media went quiet in anticipation of what was about to follow. Ishant continued He stared at him with blank expressionless eyes for a while. Then his helpless appeal escaped his harsh voice. “Ish, I was a cricketer in my younger days. However, I was cursed with a lack of hair, and had to face all sorts taunts from my teammates.” The taunts had shattered his soul, disheartened me from choosing cricket as a career, and he went on to take up a career as the body double of Anupam Kher in Bollywood.



2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India): When he came in front of everyone in the cricket ground, he was famous for his long hair. Along with helicopter shot, long hair was his signature. When Dhoni name was pronounced we got a clear picture of a face with long hair. This world cup winner skipper maintained it for long days. Many of his fan followers kept long hairs watching him and that time this long hair style was known as “Dhoni Style”.



3. Chris Gayle (West Indies): Chris wears diamond covered shades with class and carries off dreadlocks with equal confidence. We do not need to say more about Chris Gayle, who can easily be counted as one of the most stylish cricketer ever. He could behave barbaric with his bat, but when it comes to his hair he is very stylish and careful and cautious. There is a different magnetism about the man who knows his game both on and off the field.


4. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan): Form childhood I have always seen him with his long hair. This stylish Pakistani cricketer neither changed his sexy hairstyle nor his batting style. He is still Boom Boom Afridi. His female fan followers like his hairstyle than his batting.



5. Andrew Symonds (Australia): Andrew, twice World Cup winner, is a right-handed middle order batsman and alternates between off-spin and medium pace bowling. He is also notable for his exceptional fielding skills. This new generation is not aware about his hair style. When he was youngster in the Australian team he is one of the stylish player in that team. Basically he style is concentrated at his hair. He showed various styles tangling his hairs.

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