Gully cricket has been the backbone of Indian society who are mad about cricket . We can see evryone in the Indian streets playing cricket whenever they find sometime for it. . However there are no written rules for it and it varies as per the area but still the fun remains the same. Here are the 5 gully cricket rules which one should know

1: Owner: The match is run by the guy who owns the ball and bat and if he is out , he has the right to call it an illega delivery or may be ask for a second chance to bat or else he can take away the stuffs along with him . Also, there will be atleast 1 player in each team who will open the batting and bowl the first over.


2: Ball rule: Generally cricket is batsman dominated game but in gully cricket there’s nothing like that. A batsman has to pay for his shot. If the ball gos into the gutter, it has to be the batsman who needs to take it out or even if goes into a neighbour’s house, it is always the batsman who has to suffer. Also, if u lose the ball, you are the one who needs to bring a new one.


3: Batting first: The toss is meant only to decide which team will bat first. There is no provision of a team deciding to bat second after winning the toss and the players holding the bat to seal the opening spot as soon as their team wins the toss. Also, if you win the game, you have an option to bat first in the second game.


4:Middle wicket : In International criket, there is a provision for LBW but such rules don’t aheva space in Gully cricket and as a result the bowler will regularly check for the batsman’s stance and asking him to move a bit towards leg side. 


5:Baby Over:  Well if you are not very good at bowling, gully cricket has a special provision for you guys . There is a special provision of a baby over for such guys .



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