5 reasons why Indians are the best fans in the cricket world
Indian Fans
Indian Fans

5 Reasons Why Indians Are The Best Fans In The Cricket World

Cricket is a way of life

5 Reasons Why Indians Are The Best Fans In The Cricket World 1

Even when India is not playing any matches Indian engage themselves with cricket and prepare for the next tour. Thousands of newspaper in English, Hindi and many locals dailies and websites feed them with the personal news of cricketers and Indian cricket.

India “eat, sleep, work”-this phrase is true as in the morning Indians start their day opening the last page of the newspaper where sports news publishes or scroll cricket news on the website on mobile waking up in the early morning.

They wear a T-shirt printed in the blue colour of Indian jersey and print their favourite cricketers on their T-shirt. Besides these fans also love to visit eateries founded by cricketers. During the big tournament, many eateries name many foods after Indian cricketers.

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