A group of Indian fans worshiping Indian team.

As the World t20 is being held in India, the commercial hub of the game, partisan Indian spectators will hit the stands with their hue and cry as their national team will vie for the second World T20 triumph. India has a balanced team, however, the danger of getting eliminated from the knockout stage will always be there because T20 is a format where any team can win on any given day.

So, Indian fans will do superstitious things to make their team champion of the World T20 (eh, really?). I remember when India met Sri Lankan in the final of the 2011 World Cup all Indian fans at the Wankhede for a minute prayed to the God for India’s victory after the end of the national anthem.

So, here five superstitions India fans do during the match.

  • Coming back to old room where u have celebrated the 2011 World Cup

There was an advertisement you see every day on your TV set, an avid Indian fan is requesting a house owner get back his old room to help India to win the World T20 2011. The boy wants to stay in the room because he feels India won the World Cup because of his presence in that particular room. This time, again India will win the World T20, he believes, if he stays in the same room. So, he even begged to the owner to get the room. This is funny, but in India, this is the reality because fans don’t want their team to suffer a loss.

  • Don’t praise your favourite batsman; he will lose his wicket

There is an old school belief among the Indian fans that don’t praise your favourite batsman during the game as he may lose his wicket the next ball. These things happen often. So, many Indian fans keep their mouth shut, so their favourite batsman can score as many runs and can help the team to win the match. This beliefe is prevalent among many Indian fans.

  • Worship the God before the match starts

In Kolkata during the time of World Cup; fans of different football teams worship the God before a big match in a belief that their favourite team will win. While in cricket, Indians generally worship the God before a big match, but this time, in Varanasi, people were seen worshiping the God as India will face ‘mighty’ (not really that mighty) New Zealand in the tournament opener. Probably because of India’s record against New Zealand in T20 provoked fans to give Anjali to pacify the God.

  • Don’t change your seat until the match gets over

This superstition is very common among the fans who watch the game on a TV set. If a batsman hit four the next ball they think this happens because of their intention to occupy the seat as long as the match is not over.

Not only fans, even Indian cricketers also believe in this superstition. In 2011 World Cup and 2011 IPL final Gautam Gambhir did not strip his pads until his team won the match.

  • Many go to the field with conch

It is seen often that Indian fans go to the field with a conch in their hands. As per Hindu religion, Conch shell brings good times and happiness as well as success. Renowned Indian fan Sudhir Gautam and a fan based in London were seen to shell the conch during India’s match.

This superstition is influenced by Hindu belief.

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