A new amazing record of 459 runs by 18-year-old Aditya Garhwal of Rajasthan

Raj / 25 October 2014

This has happened for the first time in cricket that a batsman in 50-over matches (two matches) hit 459 runs in the two consecutive innings in two days. Aditya Garhwal of Rajasthan achieved this amazing feast while playing in Central Zone under-19 cricket in Vinoo Mankad trophy being played at the University Ground Greater Noida.

Just two day back Aditya had successfully scored an unbeaten 263 runs in the match against Railways (151 balls, 18 sixes, 22 fours). As if this was not sufficient, he scored another 196 against Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday in just 137 balls. This score included 7 sixes and 19 fours.  He has given this miraculous performance while playing at number 3 position. Although he has narrowly missed his second double century, but scoring 459 runs in 2 matches is itself a big record.

Aditya could not have achieved this without the full support of his engineer father and lecturer mother.

Reacting to this Aditya honestly said, “I never thought that we would make so many runs. Learn about his record of the last two days that it is surprised and happy that I did. I still have a long way to go and fix it the same way I will be able to keep feet on the ground. “

It is heartening to note that the young talented cricketers are emerging who can build a capable bench strength.

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