Virat Kohli, seen as the future captain of Team India, followed by millions all over the globe, scored runs at home and away, compared to the greats like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly, carries so many expectations of the entire nation and while chasing a score he is just arguably unstoppable. Well, words are not enough to describe the explicable talent and determination of this guy. However, the story is half finished.

It was a huge surprise that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is injured, he has hardly ever been injured in his career, and Virat Kohli is going to be the Indian captain for the first Test against Australia which starts on 4th November. This will be the first match for Virat Kohli as the Test captain and I am sure this will test his patience, his will power and his temperament. 

If you go by Virat Kohli’s nature, he is kind of aggressive, so will he be similar with his tactics? Test format of cricket proves to be one of the best forms of the game. We all have seen MS Dhoni’s defensive tactics and people have criticized the fact that Dhoni isn’t the man to lead India in Test matches. Well, here is an opening for Virat Kohli, one Test match against Australia, in Australia, go prove it. The only way Virat Kohli can prove his worth as a captain in Test matches is by winning this one match and making people believe that he is the one for Test matches that India have been searching for a long time.

It is a bigger test for him personally. Seen as the future of Indian cricket, Virat Kohli cannot afford to be shabby. In England, the English bowlers found a weakness in his batting and he was punished for it with every dismissal which were of the same type. He cannot afford the same in Australia. He has to guide a young team along with maintaining his own form.

Suresh Raina is making a comeback, so it might be a handy option for him to take tips from his senior teammate. There is tremendous pressure on him as a player and the new responsibility he has been given. It would be interesting to watch how things unfold in the Australian series.

The new responsibility of leading the Indian team against Australia is a golden opportunity for Virat Kohli and if luck as well as his efforts come handy, India’s future will be in good hands. We have seen Sachin Tendulkar didn’t have a successful run as a captain of India. Let us hope God has different plans with Virat Kohli as a captain.  

Only time will tell us what’s in store for the first Test against Australia. Let me know your views regarding the same. 

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