If astrology is anything to go by, team India is set to enjoy a highly fruitful time under their newly-appointed head coach Ravi Shastri. The former India all-rounder has had a mixed record as a team director between 2014 and 2016, having guided the team to the semifinal of both the World Cups (50-over and World T20) but also saw India suffer their maiden ODI series loss against Bangladesh (away) and South Africa (away).

However, an astrologer Greenstone Lobo had predicted a very successful tenure for Shastri as the head coach.

“Shastri was born with the most powerful planet in the universe, Pluto, in its exaltation point in his third house. The third house indicates the ‘hands’ and the ‘tongue’ in astrology. Didn’t he excel in both these departments? He was a decent batsman and a good spinner. And a damn good commentator later on,” Lobo wrote in his column.

With the Indian team set to travel heavily in a coming couple of years, Lobo said that a good time awaits the team. The astrologer compared Shastri’s horoscope with that of Badminton star Kidambi Srikanth and said that the latter is enjoying unprecedented success abroad because of the ascendant which is similar to Shastri’s.

“His excelling in this job depends on the planets impacting him in the next three years. Planet-X (2007 RH283), a very powerful centaur, would be transiting his twelfth house of ‘foreign lands’ in the next two years when Ravi would be handling the reins of the national team,” he added.

Lobo went on to predict that if everything goes well in the next two years then Virat Kohli & Co. would be unstoppable in the 2019 World Cup. He capped off by saying that even if the team fails to win the World Cup, historic overseas wins are guaranteed under the new coach.

“Shastri’s horoscope does augur well for Team India. They will have a shot at the World Cup, provided there is a good team that is selected under Kohli. If some of the dead wood that is weighing in heavily and impacting the astrological balance of the Indian squad is removed, Shastri and Kohli can lead India to a historic World Cup victory. The ifs and the buts are applicable for sure.

The good thing is that, if not the World Cup, we can at least expect some historic overseas wins under Shastri in the next couple of years,” Lobo concluded.

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