Mohammad Aamir, who has been outlawed for five years by the International Cricket Council (ICC), would not be in line for playing in the next year’s World Cup in spite of his coming back early to the domestic cricket, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has confirmed.

The chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed stated to the PTI that the PCB did not feel anticipating about the ICC clearance the pacer to participate in international cricket until his five-year ban would not get finished. The ban would get finished on August 2015.

“What we have tried to bring around the ICC to do is to permit him to be back into domestic cricket by analyzing his outlaw span, so that he is prepared when the times come for him to play international cricket.” Ahmad said.

Najam Sethi, the PCB chief has declared a press conference to give the youngster confidence by claiming that he could play first class cricket later this year once the ICC got imposed its improved anti-corruption laws in June.

“Once the improved laws take place pressure on the approval of the special committee assigned by the ICC to analysis current laws, then Aamir could have one year of his ban period diminished so that he can turn back into domestic cricket this year.” Sethi said.

Aamir was just 18 when the match-fixing outrage burst forth when Pakistan was travelling England in August 2010, which hereafter compelled to the require of outlaws on Aamir along with his senior veterans Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif.

However, the PCB, later, has copped a plea with the ICC to analysis the long five-year outlaw on the pacer as with respect to his age factor.

The main idea behind the improved laws was that it will grease the wheel to recoil instantly to international cricket for players, who are going through long-time bans. The concept behind the move is to support the players make ready to participate in the antagonistic cricket domain after getting over the outlaw period rather than stick around for the ban to get finished before he can begin his training.

The PCB official cleared that all the ICC wanted Aamir to finish his five-year outlaw from the international cricket and that staved him off from the World Cup 2015, which is going to take place in Australia and New Zealand.

Though, Aamir has made it clear to the ‘Geo Super’ that he is not at all concern about the time when he would be able to take part in international cricket again.

“For me that is not vital now because I believe when God clears me to play then no one can stop me from playing. But for me it is good enough that the PCB Chairman has done so much to hike my matter in the ICC.” Aamir showed his reaction.


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