One of the great all-rounders of the Pakistan Cricket Team, Abdul Razzaq has decided to take up coaching as profession after has not been included in the Pakistan’s national squad for quite some time now. Razzaq had been the one of the prime performers for the Pakistan squad for the past years but as a result of his dip in form in recent times, he has been consistently left out from the squad.

So, the 34-year old decided to take up coaching seriously and he is presently attending a level two coaching course which is run by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

He stated that he is interested in coaching as he wants to pass on his experiences to youngsters. He also stated that he is doing level two coaching as he feels coaching is very interesting and challenging profession and he would love to teach youngsters about how to become successful all-rounders in the game.

Razzaq has so far played 46 tests for Pakistan and scored 1946 runs and grabbed 100 wickets for his team. He played 265 ODIs for Pakistan and scored 5080 runs and took 269 wickets. He also said that he had every intention to play in the domestic level of cricket in Pakistan.

He also made a firm statement by mentioning that he has god-gifted talent and he does not want it to go in vain. He added by saying that his daily bread and butter still depends on cricket and he is still good enough to play for Pakistan at this age.

The all-rounder last played an international match back in October, 2013 in a T20 match against South Africa. He said that he is fully fit now and he desperately wants his place back in the national squad.

He also said that he desires to be a member of the Pakistan team in the World Cup. He said that there is a lot of cricket left in him and he knows about the fact due to emergence of some sheer talented players in the past few years, getting into the first XI of Pakistani team is a big task now. But he admitted that he is still hungry for success.

The all-rounder said that it was hard but he never gave up and he is still fighting. He thinks that fitness is the key and he is taking care of that too.


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