Aditya Verma, Secretay of Bihar Cricket Association urges ACC to remove Srinivasan as Head of the Council

Shashi / 09 June 2014

Aditya Verma , the secretary of the Bihar Cricket Association has  urged the Asian Cricket Council( ACC) to remove N. Srinivasan  as the Head of the body. He added that allowing him to continue at this post will mean going against the order of the Supreme Court.

Aditya Verma  was the force behind taking the IPL betting scandal to the Supreme Court and this was the reason why N Srinivasan had to step down as BCCI President. Also, Sunil Gavaskar was made the interim President for the IPL affairs.

Verma added that Srinivasan is currently not the President of the BCCI and  has been debarred. So , he stated that because of the probe panel constituted by the Supreme Court , has made some serious allegations against him, so The Asian Cricket Council cannot allow him to be the President of ACC.

He also added that BCCI and ACC will become a laughing stock if they allow Srinivasan to be the President of the ACC. Someone who is not fit to hold the position of the BCCI president should not be fit for the role of ACC’s President, he added.

IPL has been under the scanner for some unwanted reasons and IPL7 has so far proved it wrong. There has been no negative news coming from it so far and we can hope  that nothing comes of it .

Another reason which may force ACC , not to remove Srinivasan is the power of BCCI and Srinivasan. Everyone knows that once Srinivasan is cleared of his charges, he will return as the President of the BCCI and the force who will act or will try to act to remove Srinivasan might have to sufeer.

Considering all this, Aditya Verma should be praised to fight against the match fixing and betting on cricket matches .



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