Afghanistan cricketers treated as heroes for their Zimbabwe series victory

A beautiful nation, but was ruined in the illicit political wish of the USA and the Soviet Union in the era of the Cold War. The USA president Barack Obama has also reduced their military presence Afghanistan. But, the Islamist Taliban militants are still roaming around the capital city of Kabul. So, starting on the wrecks and with a little help from India and Pakistan-Afghanistan rebuilding their nation. They got cricket and a team which is slow but steadily rising their head among the associate nations.

The moment when we listen to a news that an associate ICC member defeated a Test playing nation for while a passionate cricket fan should stop for at least for a few second to confirm what he listened was not a hallucination. These days in cricket associate nations like Ireland and Netherlands occasionally defeat a Test playing nation like Pakistan and England in a match. But, when conflict zone like Afghanistan, win a series touring a Test nation that deserve millions of appreciations.

The Afghanistan cricket team won the ODI series 2-1 and the T20 series 2-0 to seal their thumping victory over the host Zimbabwe. Their big margin victory in the final T20 match at Bulawayo by 5 wickets chasing a formidable target of 191 set by Zimbabwe. Usman Ghani and Gulbadani Naib scored 65 and 56 respectively to shepherd Afghanistan’s comfortable 5 wicket victory over an experienced Zimbabwe side.

As the Afghanistan team raised their hand in joy at Bulawayo the celebratory mass came on the Kabul road on October 28 evening and mark the historic moment of their lives. 



Asghar Stanikzai lead team returned their country on October 30. ACB asked fans to gather in the Hamid Karzai national stadium to welcome the national team.  The Kabul came on the road to watch their national heroes. The team toured the entire city to acknowledge the greetings of the passionate crowd, whose morning start with the sound of deadly bomb blast and end with the same.

When the Afghanistan entered the Hamid Karzai national stadium it was a different atmosphere. Melodious Afghani music was  going on, the team stood on the ground victory stand. The national anthem started.

The crowd in huge number thronged the stadium, there were many in the turf as well. The ACB  Omar Zakhilwal announced the occasion as  the “ Eid for all Afghans we won two series against the full member and this journey just begin.”

Zakhilwai was delighted by the attendance of a huge number of crowd in the Alokzay Kabul Stadium. He said, “This is what we want, peaceful and healthier Afghanistan.”

Here are some captures from the Kabul, ACB posted in their twitter account.



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