“Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

-Leroy “Satchel” Paige


It says, ‘Age is just a number’ and in Cricket, it is more like a bottle of wine; the older, the better. From a 100 year old having a first ride on her motorbike to a 95 year old World War-II veteran taking the sky on once more are not all death-defying phenomena, but they are rather all age-defying acts. Learning, as the common saying goes all square, has got no age to edge upon. Categorically quite dissimilar, yet allegorically quite similar, sports, of whatsoever origin and functionality can be moulded by the hammering and strokes of age. Age, over there is a foolproof system depicted out of the beautiful frescoes of the walls of entertaining ethics, the so-called sport.

Cricket has also perceived a handful of aged cricketers to pursue playing, particularly the five day tiring Test Cricket format, even at the age of forty or above. To be very specific and honest, not all of them had succeeded in carving a fair chance out of the niche, but the interesting and soothing fact is that, many did. They did manage to cut out a slice of cheese (read, success) and place it as a topping on their bread of life.

Record speaks that there are overall 105 such players who have defied odds of all sorts and did manage to play or are still playing Test Cricket even at the prolific age of forty or above. Of some top fifteen test cricket playing nations; these 105 old wine-like stars are and will be shining like a dazzling top-up. England, the creator cum inventor cum originator of the game seems to be holding the first place in this list. With an envying tally of some 52 old and superbly matured cricketers, the Queen’s army in five day format of Cricket is the flag bearer in permitting the aged cricketers to play for and serve their nation. The island nation of Australia is the runners-up award holder with 16 such aged cricketers to have played for her, followed by South Africa who holds the trio spot with the number 12. The West Indies with 9 such especially able cricketers who stand on the brink of the breath felt distance of the Indians who have a boastful assimilation of 7 aged cricketers of age forty or above. Pakistan and New Zealand both come jointly next, right after India with a number of 3 each, a relatively smaller number when compared to those resting at the top of this list. Zimbabwe comes next with 2 such aged cricketers and Sri Lanka seem to be dead-swimming, rather dead-floating with just a single such cricketer.

To conclude, there are several other cases, particularly in the arena of sports and to be more specific, in the phase of Cricket, where people have successfully defied their clauses of age and have even managed to put up their best efforts possible to make the World ponder at least even for once that it does not run by mere numbers, but by the possession of certain skills and techniques, acquisition of which demands years and generations of practice and hard work.

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