Stupid cricket headlines

Krishna Chopra / 16 October 2015

The game of Television Rating Points (TRP) among the several media houses in India is a fiercely contested one. Media houses and channels try to outdo their rivals by using various tricks and gimmicks. These channel managers often tend to utilize strategies that are often out of the box. But in doing so, they definitely forget the difference between reality and stupidity! In order to just grab the eyeballs of potential news watchers, the news channels post some headlines that will make the viewer just bang his head in frustration and annoyance. This all is done just in a bid to improve their overall news reach.

The personnel of several news channels in India did not even spare cricket. Several cricketers were made a laughing stock due to some agonizingly stupid news headlines. The Indian digital media surely seems to have taken its cricketers for granted and hence they don’t even have the audacity to think twice before posting some dumb headline.

Below, are the instances of a few such headlines, which will just show the stupidity of some Indian news channels.

MS Dhoni is often seen as a candidate who can reach to the Indian masses. But utilizing his skills in such a disgraceful manner? The literal translation of the picture means “SIXER NUMBER 19”. So going by the headline, is this particular news channel trying to brand Dhoni as the 19th Sixer?




Chris Gayle has been the go to man for every IPL fan. His exploits in the IPL have won him millions of fans in India. The particular headline means “Bloody Six”. Even though attaching Gayle’s picture beside the headline made absolutely no sense, this headline had a message. It was a reference to that instance when a six hit from Chris Gayle broke the nose of a young girl seated in the stands in Bangalore. But conveying this message using this headline was the epitome of inanity.

Not even the most respected cricketer across the globe was spared by the Indian media. Yes, we are talking about Sachin Tendulkar. The translation of this headline is: “Is there a Satan within Tendulkar’s brain”. People often ask Tendulkar the secret behind his phenomenal batting. But doing in such a way was nothing short of foolishness. 

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