Ahmad Shehzad in awe of New Zealand

Krishna Chopra / 14 January 2016

In the last 12-18 months, New Zealand have played an enthralling brand of cricket and have taken aggression to an all new level. That has been mainly due to the efforts of energetic skipper Brendon McCullum. The game play and style of the Blackcaps has intimidated a lot of cricket fans and their rise in world cricket has been a very inspiring story.

With Pakistan due to take on New Zealand from the 15th of Janaury, the visitors will have to battle it out at all odds. A day before the first T20I fixture, Pakistan opener Ahmad Shehzad admitted that he was simply in awe of New Zealand’s brand of cricket.

Shehzad said that he was a fan of the style of the Kiwis. “New Zealand are playing wonderful cricket at the moment,” Shehzad said. “We all know the style they playing with is awesome to see. We have to match them. We have to compete.”

Shehzad praised New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum for his efforts and said, “I think Brendon McCullum’s done a good job.”They’re playing without any fear. There’s no issues with their places. They’re shuffling their players.

Now they have a good bunch which is doing their job together. If any side is playing good cricket we have to appreciate that and try to match them. It raises your standards as well. We have to admit they are playing good cricket, but it’s a T20 format. You have to execute your plans and flourish.”

The flamboyant opener spoke about playing the ball on its merit and not playing rash strokes. “We have to pick and choose our balls,” Shehzad said. “Sometimes you play some rash shots when looking at the stadium and all these things, and you lose your wickets.

You can’t be rash, or lose your wicket and let your team down. The boundaries at the side aren’t very big either, but we have to play proper cricket.”

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