The England captain, Alastair Cook, voiced disbelief at James Anderson being charged for a Level 3 offence by world’s premier governing body the ICC after an “alleged” quarrel with Indian left-arm Ravindra Jadeja during the first Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Cook, in an attempt to downplay the incident, stated that India is making a ‘big mountain out of a molehill’, and hinted that it was a tactical ploy from India to target one of England’s ‘stalwarts’.

When offering his opinion on the subject, Cook, impersonated Arsene Wenger and declined to comment on the actual incident, but on a serious note he said that ICC rules and regulations do not allow him to reveal anything.

“If it does bring us closer together and help us support each other in tough times, that could work for us,” said Cook ahead of second Test. Cook also said he would be “very surprised” if Anderson was eventually banned.

Meanwhile Indian skipper MS Dhoni also had to say few things on Jadeja gate.  In the press conference, Dhoni said, “We can be aggressive. But there is a line. You cannot touch me, I cannot touch you.”

“We talk a lot about Spirit of Game. There are guidelines to be followed. You can be aggressive or vocal but follow them,” Dhoni futher added.

Dhoni wnet on to say, “In a presser, you will ask me tough questions and it’s my right whether to answer them or not. But in no way, can I touch you.”

When Dhoni was when asked whether Jadeja’s version of events showed that he was to be blame in any way, he said, “No I dont really think so.”

“Good on Jadeja’s part to not retaliate. Things could have gone far. He addressed situation in appropriate manner.”



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