In a bizarre incident on a cricket field, a young player playing for Lymington, Hampshire was given out handling the ball. This could be the first time that a dismissal has been affected in this manner.

Bryn Darbyshire who is 35 was playing for Lymington. The bowler over stepped while delivering and the ball was called a no-ball by the on-field umpires. Bryn who attempted to clip the ball away saw the ball land near his feet. He coolly picked it up and tossed it back to a fielder. However Bryn did not know what would happen next.

The fielding team started appealing for his wicket. According to the Law 33 of rule-making body, the Marylebone Cricket Club‘s (MCC) Laws of Cricket, the batsman should first consult a fielder before handling the ball and in case he fails to, he can be declared out.

Though a batsman cannot be caught or bowled on a no ball, he can still be run-out and can also be dismissed handling the ball, hitting it twice and also for obstructing the field.

Mark Williams the advisor for the MCC’s Law of Cricket said that this could possibly have been the first time a batsman was out in this manner. He also explained the rule and that it was put into contention to not allow a batsman to handle the ball when the fielding team is still trying to run him out. He felt that the fielding team was perfectly justified in appealing for the wicket.

Darbyshire after losing the match unfortunately by 58 runs came out and said that he did not feel that the umpires made a mistake and acknowledged the rule. However he said that the incident showed a lack of sporting spirit in the opposition ranks.

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