England won the 4th Test and regained Ashes. They got the required wickets they wanted and the game proved to be determining but did anyone notice one weird moment? The moment when Mark Wood from england took Hazlewood’s wicket? It’s not the first time. We have situations more weird with names than this as well, when all the players involved in a dismissal had their surnames rhyming and guess what? That also happened during an Ashes.

The 1978-79 Ashes, though infamous WACA Test which saw Dennis Lillee come out with an aluminium bat, turned out to be a host to several unusual events. In the same Test, there was this moment when it was Graham Dilley who went on to bowl to Dennis ‘hotheaded’ Lillee. Dilley bowled a short delivery that went outside off-stump. Lille, in an attempt to steer the ball through the gap that was never there and as a result the ball found itself in the hands of the ‘gully’ fielder. And any guesses who the gully fielder was? It was Peter Willey. So, Dilley bowled to Lillee who was caught at gully by Willey. The incident is a famous one for the commentators even today and the scorecard is said to be ‘Cricket’s most famous scorebook entry’. Watch the moment here :  

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