Why Anil Kumble will be under huge pressure as Indian coach?

Nagendra / 30 June 2016

Indian head coach job is one of the most high-pressure jobs in cricket and Indian legend Anil Kumble who was recently appointed as the head coach would face more pressure to deliver.

One of the major blocks for Anil Kumble would be the length of his contract. BCCI has offered the legendary spinner a one-year contract which would mean he would be the coach of India only up to the end of the current season up to March. It is very hard to go on top gear and achieve success from day 1 as a coach as Kumble will have to adapt to the new role and one year proves to be quite a setback for the 45-year old.

Most of the upcoming season will have as many as 17 tests, so for the most part of Kumble’s contract he would be playing with the test team which is led by Virat Kohli. One of the primary challenges with the test team is the experience in the squad is very less when compared to the sides, India have had since the 1990s.

The team is very young under an aggressive leader, Virat Kohli who is keen to take India to an elite position in Test cricket over the next year. However, test team is highly talented despite not having great experienced players at international level. But with the test series against West Indies looming, Kumble will have to face one of the stern tests as he begins his reign as coach.

Kumble was appointed ahead of Ravi Shastri when the latter had done a good job for Team India during his time as Team director until T20 World Cup 2016. This would add more pressure on Kumble as he is expected to do better than Ravi Shastri.

Anil Kumble who tried to stay away from the controversy related to his appointment where the BCCI itself is questioned by a few when former cricketer Sourav Ganguly was not present at the interview of Ravi Shastri.

Ravi Shastri made the issue even bigger after his disappointment on not being named the new head coach as the CAC (Cricket Advisory Committee) has opted for Anil Kumble ahead of Ravi Shastri. BCCI would also be rooting for Anil Kumble to be a success as the expectations on the 619 test wicket taker increases.

Another problem for Anil Kumble would be to overcome the likes of Australia and England who would be touring India this season as both the teams are very good against spin. This would mean Kumble needs to come up with new ideas and new strategies to overcome the opposition batsmen.

England has won the test series when they last visited India in 2012 and has created history. India would be looking to make amendments as Kumble would want his spin magic to click as the English batsmen has neutralized Indian spinners last time they visited.

All in all, a tough season lies ahead of Anil Kumble after becoming Team India coach as he is expected to take Indian cricket to the next level which, if happens, could very well earn a new contract for him.

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