Well, it appears that the level of tolerance is rapidly coming down in day to day life, especially among the cricketers. Only yesterday, the fans of the game were shocked to hear that during the second test in Brisbane against Australia – where India lost in just four days – Kohli and Dhawan had a verbal spat and team Director Ravi Shastri had to intervene to settle the matter.

But today’s incident is more shocking. As reported in Mumbai Mirror, during a Ranji trophy match being played between Baroda and Jammu & Kashmir in Vadodara, senior cricketer Yusuf Pathan got out for just 9 runs. As the local fans booed, Yusuf Pathan got agitated and called Ashish Parmar, one of the spectator from the executive stand to the dressing room.

This is what Parmar said, “I was merely cheering the players with my friends. I didn’t use offensive language to provoke Yusuf. When Yusuf was returning to the dressing room, I said well-bowled to the bowler (S Beigh) who dismissed him. He (Yusuf) called me to the dressing room and hit on my arm.”

“It was bad on a senior cricketer’s part to behave in this manner. We are here to enjoy cricket and do not deserve to be treated shabbily,” said Iqbal Rana, one of the spectators.

BCA’s honorary secretary Anshuman Gaekwad said, “We made sure the public didn’t come close to the players. Elaborate security arrangements had been made. We have also instructed the players that they should intimate us during such incidents instead of acting in such a manner.”

This instigating incident provoked about 30 spectators, who forcefully tried to enter Baroda’s dressing room and dared Pathan to come out. The agitated supports jumped the barricades of main entrance. However, the officials of BCA intervened and calmed down the supports. Thereafter, another group supporting Pathan threatened Parmar and forced the enraged crowd to leave the scene.

It is high time that every sportsperson must acknowledge that fact that the game is meant for the fans and in case the fans do not support, no sport or sport person will survive, no matter how big the game or the player is. Also, it is a known fact that it is impossible to check and control each and every fan. So it becomes the nobel duty of all other supports to check instantly any provocative action on the part of the crowd.

We must acknowledge the role of officials of BCA for handling the situation in a wise manner. Hope other cricketers will be able to read the message between the lines, loud and clear. 

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