Virat Kohli, India’s sensational and stylish batsman has been a subject matter of all round severe criticism owing to his continuous recent poor performance in England. In fact many of the authors have been blaming the company of Anushka Sharma for the falling standard of the batting of Virat Kohli. Definitely his focus got distracted and despite his best efforts he could not deliver the desired results. However the only positive development during the recent times is his score of 71 runs that were scored during the last match. It is pertinent to add that Virat had been in the limelight as one of the member of the England’s women Cricket Team had also proposed to him.

But now Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s representative has rubbished reports that she is planning to marry Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. It was earlier reported that BCCI had allowed the 26-year-old actress to stay in the same hotel as Kohli, the vice-captain of Indian Cricket Team, during the tour of England because they had plans to get married. Now the pretty actress’s representative has released a statement saying that the story is not actually true. He was quoted saying “There are several stories online about Anushka Sharma’s impending wedding. However I would like to set the record straight that there is absolutely no truth to these rumors and I would like to request you to refrain from conjecturing about the same.”

It is believed that with this latest development Kohli will bounce back again and will give his vital contribution to the Team India.



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