Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are the most talked about a couple of the nation. And why not after all they are two of the most popular celebrities of the country. The couple has constantly been under public gaze and media scrutiny since their reunion early this year. The couple never shies away from making public appearances and fans are desperate to hear whether a wedding is on cards or not for the lovebirds. And so when the Bollywood actress attended a popular television show on the channel DNA, she was asked about the time she is planning to get married.
Not the one to mince her words, Anushka said: “I want to get married ,of course. I would like to have a family. Even though I am an actor, I am a very simple and normal person and I have always maintained a simple life. I feel marriage will happen when it has to. I will get married when I am mentally ready for it. A marriage is not a joke. It’s not like ‘Oh shaadi hai toh karle!’ You have to be mentally ready to spend your life with another person. It’s not just about you, but about the other person also and then at that point, you need to be ready to have a dual interest. Mentally, when I reach that stage, I will get married.”

The couple broke up for a brief period of time after the 2015 World Cup. But are currently in a relationship and when she was asked about her relationship with the Indian batting sensation, she said: “I have nothing to say about it. I don’t want to talk about my personal life. I feel the Indian media doesn’t have the maturity to deal with it. They can’t understand when we are open about our relationships. I was open about my relationship, I spoke about it and I thought that would be respected, but it’s not. People don’t know what to do with it. In Hollywood, people don’t go on and on about two people dating each other. Here, everything is to be gossipped about — every little thing is being focussed on and analysed? The focus is completely taken away from my work. While I was in this relationship, I was doing the best work of my life. I was getting an appreciation for the films I was doing then, but suddenly, it’s only about my relationship! I think it happens more with girls. There is more to us than who you are dating, what you are wearing… And what the hell is this obsession with marriage? Why are you trying to make it seem like I am packing my bags and going away after I get married? This whole thing about marriage is like she doesn’t want to work after she gets married. Why?”

The actress is really doing well in Bollywood. Her latest movie named “Sultan” was a massive hit at the box-office and when she was asked whether she will do a movie with Kohli if she gets a chance, she  refused to comment on it.

The actress has always wanted to remain silent on her personal life and in the past during the promotion of her movie NH-10, when a journalist asked her about Kohli, she did not take it well and blasted the journalist.

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