Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell once again courted controversy when he made a comment about India’s batsmen and why he thought they were very selfish.

“They were, probably, just making sure they got to a milestone. Some people are milestone driven, some people aren’t,” the Australian had said at the post-match press conference. His comment led to a conclusion that Indians are selfish.

As the controversy sparked Maxwell on the eve of the fifth ODI said that he was happy to clarify his stance. The 27-year-old said that he expected that the media would go into a frenzy after his comments about the India  batsman.

“Yeah! (I’m aware of it). I knew it was going to blow up. Anytime you mention anything, and especially since I tried to slog the last ball. (But) It didn’t really bother me,” he says, with an air of nonchalance.

Maxwell then went on to dissect Virat Kohli’s knock at Canberra, evincing the India’s slowness while nearing landmark 25th hundred.

“I think if you look back at it,” he continues. “I was sent a photo the other day. It said – Virat [Kohli] was 84 of 63 (he was actually 84 off 61), and then 100 off 89 (100 off 84) or something like that. He got his last 11 runs off 22 (21) balls to get his hundred.

But, Maxwell, however, at least, came to defend Kohli. He said Kohli played, four superb shots during those 21 balls in the lead up to his hundred, but unfortunately for him, the ball found the fielders. And also, the situation in the game from the point  on did not dictate the 26-year-old to be needlessly aggressive. He did play some shot, but barring the one that took him from 93 to 97, the rest fund the fielders. “I thought about that and I was like, ‘Jeez! He did it so easily all the way up until then, and then you just lose a bit of momentum’. I have been thinking about that,” Maxwell said.

He also compared the Indians with David Warner who missed his in the last match. “Then you look, on the other hand, when you watch David Warner get into the nineties and tries to hit Ishant Sharma, slog sweep for six. It’s just, to me, that’s two completely different ends of the spectrum.”

Maxwell implying that the Indian batsmen are indeed milestone driven may have come as a shock, but it was typical of him saying what he felt. And not worrying about the outcomes.

But the question is why should have any complaints about the Indians batting slowly, though? His team has been leading the series 4-0 and expect to make 5-0 in the Sydney ODI.

“And then you look at the scoreline and you see 4-0. And to me, (it) much rather be 4-0, basically.”

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