After defeated New Zealand in the second test match at Christchurch by 7 wickets, the Australian cricket team became the number 1 ranked test team in the world. The Australian team won the first test. Before this test series India was the number one ranked team and Australia had to win the series by 1-0. Australia defeated New Zealand by 2-0 to become the number 1 ranked test team in the world.

India has dropped to number 2 rankings. India was the number 1 ranked test side in the world before being displaced by Australia. The third place is occupied by South Africa. South Africa retained the number 3 spot in the test rankings.

The fourth place is occupied by Pakistan, followed by England. New Zealand who lost the test series against Australia 0-2 occupies the sixth spot.

The seventh spot is occupied by Sri Lanka. West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe occupies the next three spots.

Australia and India were fighting for the number 1 spot in Test cricket. Australia will receive the maze for the ICC Test championship. Australia played some excellent cricket in the Test series against New Zealand. Australia main test will be to maintain the rankings. 

Here we look at the rankings:

1. Australia – 112 points

2. India- 110 points

3. South Africa- 109 points

4. Pakistan- 106 points

5. England- 102 points

6. New Zealand- 96 points

7. Sri Lanka-89 points

8. West Indies- 76 points

9. Bangladesh-47 points

10. Zimbabwe- 5 points   


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