In a bid to increase the falling popularity of the longest format of the game, Cricket Australia managed to attract a large amount of viewership during the inaugural day-night test match between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide last year.

With the huge success that game had, Cricket Australia have confirmed another day-night game this time in the series against Pakistan.

In mid-December, a day-night test at Gabba is already confirmed against Pakistan and it is now understood that Cricket Australia want the last test match between Australia and South Africa at the Adelaide also to be converted into a day-night game.

The inaugural game at Adelaide brought in some huge crowds and record viewership and it was viewed as the first step towards the revival of the longest format of the game.

This has seen CA push for a couple of other such games late this year.

However, ACA chief executive Alistair Nicholson had a different opinion on the subject.

He felt that playing test cricket under lights with a pink ball is a completely different game and that the team would prefer to have just one such game every season.

“Pink-ball Tests are a fundamentally different game to traditional red-ball Test matches. Nicholson said in a statement today.

“We continue to be concerned about the durability and visibility of the pink ball, both the changing light conditions and the specifically-prepared pitches are altering the conditions that the players are used to at each venue,” he added.

However, a spokesperson from Cricket Australia said that they talk to the ACA before finalizing the schedule but revealed that they are optimistic about the day-night game between Australia and South Africa in November.

“Along with a number of other parties, the ACA is consulted each year prior to the summer schedule being announced – and this year is no different.

“We remain optimistic that the Adelaide Test match will be played as a day-night match. After the success of last summer’s Adelaide Test, the anticipation in that market is huge.”

However, he also said that no real decision will be taken regarding this matter until the end of the current IPL campaign.

CA chief executive James Sutherland held discussions with his CSA counterpart at an International Cricket Council conference in Dubai last weekend.

In a recent interview, Sutherland said that the popularity of the day-night games is so high that the opinion of a minority group of players will not matter.

“There are literally tens of thousands of people that want to see this match played day-night and I don’t think a handful of players who are objecting to that should necessarily be holding it back.

“It’s an interesting contrast, isn’t it – Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan players enthusiastically took up the invitation to play that Test match (in Brisbane),” Sutherland added.

The Test match that is in the discussion is to be played at the Adelaide on November 24-28.


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