Australia Without Sledging Are Like Gangsters Without Guns: Dean Jones

Shashi / 05 March 2015

The cricket world has always possessed diverse opinions regarding sledging.Some have interpreted it as a profound display of passion and belligerence, while some others have contemplated it as condemnable reprehensible behavior.Australians,who have been notoriously hailed as being the quintessential sledgers, have always had verbal jousts to make to their opposition on the field, something that they proudly proclaim as an art of mental disintegration.

Dean Jones, the prolific former Australian batsman, was replete with words of derision during his playing days.He believed that sledging and chirping are indispensable parts of the game of cricket, and Australia, having consummated in this art, are live gangsters without guns , if they are bereft of it. 

He then light-hearted added that not only Australia but India also sledge and they do it in”Hindi” so that the Australians cannot comprehend it. The topic of sledging and heated exchanges has been broached indefinitely in the past few series with David Warner overstepping his mark repetitively and Virat Kohli also grabbing the centre of attention for his verbal onslaughts on the Aussies.

ICC has banned players for feuding unnecessarily and insinuated players before the 2015 World CUp but it hasn’t really impacted players when it came to the issue of sledging. Should sledging be eradicated completely? Mild banter and chatter compliments the game with spice and intensity, but it should be punishable once it transcend the line of decency. But as they all say, whose line is it anyway???



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