Ballance warned by the ECB after a Night Out with some team mates

Shashi / 20 July 2014

English team management finally had something different to think about (off field) and thanks to Garry Balance.

Balance was spotted topless in a night club, with a beer in hand and was seen saying that England players brought drinks for others at the club. After all this, Balance had to be helped to get out of the club, though topless.

Balance scored a confident 71 in England’s 1st  innings in the 1st Test match against India. Though born in Zimbabwe, he has choosed to represent England at the biggest level of the game.

Peter Moores, the  Head Coach of the English team had to come forward to remind Balance of the character , an English cricketer has to maintain off the field. But Moores added that incident won’t cause Balance to lose his spot in the team. He also said that he will be reminding all the players about the image they need to maintain , for the good will of the English cricket.

The English players were given a night off on Sunday and a day off on Monday and this meant that  balance did not break any rules laid by the ECB over the consumption of the alcohol.

The ECB has confirmed that several other players of the side were also present along with Balance , but declined to reveal their names. But according to the local media, the other players were  James Anderson, Joe Root and Liam Plunkett.

These incidents reminds of Andrew Symonds, the very talented Australian whose International career was cut short because of the off field disciplinary actions.

The Balance incident is expected of not getting the much media hype because of the other major controversy, Jadeja– Anderson, going on at the same time , and much after the English team manager has not complained against Jadeja on account of threatening James Anderson.





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