“Bangladesh will win the World Cup” according to the Host Theory
“Bangladesh will win the World Cup” according to the Host Theory

So the big stage is set and the main round of the ICC T20 World Cup will begin on March 15, 2016 when the Indian side will take on the New Zealand side in Nagpur. Fans are expecting for a power packed performance from their players. And surely the players will try to give their best too. In this World Cup all teams have a fair chance to win the World Cup but going by “Host Theory” the winners of this cup have already been decided and the team is none other than Bangladesh.

Wow, what great news for Bangladeshi fans which do not leave even a single opportunity to celebrate whenever their team wins any match. All must be thinking that what this host theory is? For that, we have to go back to T20 World Cup 2009 which was hosted in England. England went on to win the 2010 World Cup which was played in West Indies. The West Indies team went on to win the next World Cup which was hosted by Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka went to win the 2014 World cup which was hosted in Bangladesh. So going by this theory Bangladesh will win this year’s World Cup and India the next one and so on. It’s a series of a miracle that is continuing from past 6 years but this time, the tradition may end as Bangladesh is not a strong contender of the cup. Yes, they are in good form but still they have a huge mountain to climb in front of them if they want to win this title.

But if Bangladesh is successful to win the cup than surely it will be a big boost for their players and their cricket crazy fans who come always out in numbers to support their team whenever they play; wherever they play.

To take a note Bangladesh is still to qualify for top 10 stage. They will meet Oman in the last match and the winner will qualify to top 10. Bangladesh is the favourites amongst the two teams but still they have to be vary of Oman side.

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