Battle-scarred Yuvraj Singh has been wounded during a limber up football session before the practice match. He has been hurt on his knees, leaving it with a crepe bandage. Most often football has more or less been a part of the training session of Indian cricket team. On Tuesday, the squad got down the field for such a soccer session, away from the conventional way this time the squad played the match unshod.

The squad has looked in a lighthearted style, splashing their freshly start up. They are now excelling the Group Two table, signing in four consecutive wins. Team India is going to encounter the South Africa in order to reach the Twenty20 final on Friday.

They are doing their training at the BCB Cricket Academy ground here, before their semifinal brawl against the Proteas.

However, for the first time the Indian squad has had a whole training session without putting on their athletic shoes. After the long run, Yuvraj got injured and he was shambling literally, but the strength and the expanse of the wound was not downed pat. He uses braces during his training session normally, but this time his knee got covered by a crepe bandage as he continued towards the team coach.

Indian team’s trainer Nitin Patel has been asked around the condition of Yuraj, but he said, “Why are you taking me? You know I am not likely to answer any of your questions.”

The preparation was something unusual, from a viewer’s point of opinion. If one comes into existence from West Bengal or Bangladesh he could see many big players are playing in a discalced manner and this thing surely poured some local feel and force one to take a voyage on the water under the bridge.

Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the best footballer beyond any trace of a doubt, he is someone who could apply inner and outside dodging without a rub, chip the ball while getting a free charge. He had passed his childhood in the MECON quarters in Ranchi where he utilised to take on soccer for DAV Shyamali. His football touch is just like that, above other teammates capabilities.

He, as well, was in a sprightly attitude. When he has been asked the suit for playing unshod, he mocked, “Paise khatam ho Gaye (We don’t accept any money left)”.

The sources confirmed NDTV that the trainer of the team Sudarshan has recommended the suggestion of running barefoot.



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