BCB Supremo Nazmul Hassan Disagrees Over Sri Lanka Cricket’s 14-Day Quarantine Prerequisite
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BCB Supremo Nazmul Hassan Disagrees Over Sri Lanka Cricket’s 14-Day Quarantine Prerequisite

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) President Nazmul Hassan Papon has vehemently opposed the condition of 14-day quarantine condition set by Sri Lanka Cricket, of late ahead of Bangladesh’s tour of the island nation.

This disagreement took place after SLC has extended the quarantine requirement from seven days to two weeks. Papon had made it clear that the Bangladesh players would find it difficult to remain restricted to their hotel rooms for a fortnight.

“Their term and conditions are unique even for countries which have already hosted cricket during this pandemic,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Nazmul Hassan Papon as saying.

Bangladesh is set to face Sri Lanka for the three-match Test series which is scheduled to begin at the fag end of October. The upcoming Test series is the part of the ICC World Test Championship.

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The Bangladesh head Papon further reiterated that rest of the hosting countries have set a seven-day condition for the quarantine period before players will be allowed to train on the ground.

It is not child’s play: Nazmul Hassan on quarantine

Nazmul Hassan went on to say that they can’t play such major event while being informed that visiting team can’t venture out of their rooms after landing in Sri Lanka. He has termed the conditions harsh and added that it is not an easy task to be accomplished.

Hassan, who attended an immediate meeting in Dhaka, was flanked by many senior officials.

“At least [other countries] are allowing training after seven days of quarantine but SLC has informed us that our group cannot even get out [of their hotel rooms] for food for 14 days. It is not child’s play. A team cannot play in the World Test Championship in this way,” Papon added.

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Given to the schedule, Bangladesh team was set to leave for Colombo on September 27. The first Test fixture is scheduled to begin on October 23. However, it remains to be seen how SLC will respond to the disagreement from the BCB.

Well, COVID-19 protocols had pushed countries to make drastic changes including of holding a sporting event.

Moreover, it is set to be the first major series for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka since the coronavirus-triggered lockdown across the globe which had affected cricket too.

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