BCCI's black list: 177 chuckers and 110 fined for indiscipline

Sudipta / 26 December 2015

The players in domestic cricket of India, the hub of the potential international star, has become a headache to Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Indiscipline and illegal activities have been growing in domestic cricket.  Gautam Gambhir is the worst behave, player of the year, while Bengal Rajni team is the worst behaved team of the year, according to BCCI.

Half of the season past, a total of 177 bowlers were reported for suspected for illegal bowling actions and 110 players were either reprimanded or fined by umpires for breaking the players’ code of conduct in 2015 and 25 teams and captains were charged for slow over rate in matches across the various age group levels including women cricketers.

Eight bowlers were not allowed to ball after reported for illegal bowling action at Chennai’s SRMC. Mumbai opener Akhil Herwadkar was reported twice in two consecutive seasons. He was first reported in January after a match against Tamil Nadu and against the same team in October.

BCCI’s list Code of Conduct & Suspect Action List highlighted that umpires have come down hard on bowlers and captains alike as they broke the rules of the game.

Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI’s general manager game development, said that the Indian board has empowered the umpires to now show any slackness towards suspect actions.

“In fact this year, an umpire workshop happened in Chennai-SRMC, where we had a session on how to detect suspect actions and what should be the reporting system. We don’t want people with unfair actions to be playing. Most of the suspect action cases are mostly found at the junior levels, the under-16 and under-19 categories,” Shetty said.

Shetty said each state association has a major role to step in and eradicate the evil of chucking at a junior level.

Shetty blames coaches for young bowlers have been adopting illegal bowling actions. “Coaches are responsible for this,” Shetty stated. “It’s the state association’s responsibility to ensure that they take measures to help the cricketers with suspect actions to overcome the problem. At least one association I know,

Karnataka, have formed a committee to monitor junior cricketers.”

Mumbai’s promising under -19 left arm spinner Sidak Singh had missed a berth in India U-19 World Cup squad as he was reported just before the selectors picked the squad for the junior Challenger Trophy.

 “When associations announce their 25 probable lists, their coaches work with them for one month. That’s where the problem needs to be solved,” Shetty added.

Earlier this year U-19 coach Rahul Dravid during his annual Tiger Pataudi lecture welcomed the moves by the board to curb dodgy actions domestic cricket at various levels. But, he criticised parents and coaching camp, where junior cricketers learn cricket, for dodgy bowling actions. .

 “There was a time in Indian domestic cricket there were so many bowlers with dodgy action. It’s good that they have now decided to eradicate it. I welcome it,” Dravid had said.

“I support it for a variety of reasons. People talk about these bowlers getting punished, but what about batsmen who face them and whose careers get ruined? What about other bowlers who have clean actions but are sidelined in favour of these bowlers and are then lost to the game. We all can see this particular bowler has a different action, a dodgy action. What’s to be done about it. You have to correct him at the junior level. The message has to percolate to the grassroots level of the game.”

India’s bad boy Gautam Gambhir

Meanwhile, based on the numbers, Bengal is the worst behaved team, across various age group levels. Eight of their players have been found guilty of breaching the code of ethics, with Pramod Chandila having been fined 10 per cent of his match fee during the Ranji Trophy twice in his season.

Gautam Gambhir

Delhi came next to Bengal with nine offences. Captain Gautam Gambhir was fined 70 per cent of his match fee for the infamous on-field fracas with Bengal Manoj Tiwary. The duo was involved in an ugly spat during their Ranji tie at Feroz Shah Kotla. Gambhir used abusive language and reportedly threatened to beat Tiwary.  Beside this Gambhir on two separate occasions fined 10 per cent of his match fees.

But, BCCI found a team of gentlemen. Haryana is the best-behaved team as none of its players were reported in any of the men’s or women’s categories. 

State of Indian domestic cricket by teams 

Delhi: Nine players were charged for indiscipline. Captain Gautam Gambhir had to cop a fine of 70% and 10% of his match fee.

Mumbai: Surya Kumar Yadav was docked 50% of his match fee during a game against Andhra.

Hyderabad: Three under-19 players and pacer Sudeep Tyagi were reprimanded by the match referee.

Tripura: Abhijeet Dey was fined 10% and a U-19 player reprimanded.

Andhra: DB Prashant and AG Pradeep were docked 50% in one game.

Baroda: No fine was imposed on the players but seven players, including a U-19 guy, were reprimanded.

Assam: Coach Sanath Kumar was hauled up and Arun Karthick was docked 20% match fee.

Bengal: Manoj Tiwari and Laxmi Ratan Shukla were fined 10% and 20%. Nine from Bengal were pulled up by the referees.

Kerala: Among the five charged, under-19 player S Nazir was fined 20%.

Jharkhand: Ishank Jaggi was charged with 20% of his match fee.

Railways: While captain Mahesh Rawat and Karn Sharma were reprimanded once, Anureet Singh was fined 20%.

Uttar Pradesh: Praveen Kumar was fined 30% and wicketkeeper-batsman Eklavya Dwivedi was handed 50% fine.

Himachal Pradesh: Rishi Dhawan was the only player pulled up by the ref.

Maharashtra: Ankit Bawane was docked 20% and three others hauled up.

Punjab: Manan Vohra was once handed a 20% fine. He was also reprimanded once.

Team Rajasthan: Two under 19 players were pulled up.

Karnataka: Six players, including KL Rahul and Manish Pandey, were pulled up. CM Gautam had to cop fines of 20% and 10%.

Tamil Nadu: K Bharat Shankar of under 23 was twice charged with 10 percent and 50 percent of his match fees against Gujarat under 23. Whereas in the senior side, two players were left with a warning.

Odisha: Basant Mohanty was fined 20% and two others reprimanded.

Gujarat: Himalaya Bardia was docked 20% in a Vijay Hazare Trophy match.

Saurashtra: Two players were reprimanded

Vidarbha: Shrikant Wagh was fined 60% and four players sanctioned.

Madhya Pradesh: One under 19 player reprimanded

Jammu & Kashmir: One under 16 player was hauled up

Goa: One under 19 players reprimanded

Services: Khalil Ahmed was fined 50% and two more pulled up

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