War of words: BCCI blasts ICC president Shashank Manohar!

Sudipta / 10 September 2016

BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke slammed at the ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar after the former BCCI president’s recent comments distancing himself from the present regime handling the affairs of Indian cricket. According to Shirke, it was the BCCI that helped Manohar to get   the independent Chairman’s post at the ICC in the first place by making necessary amendments in the governing body’s at the ICC in the first place by making necessary amendments in the governing body’s constitution.

“I don’t think it will be proper for him to forget that the amendments to the ICC constitution were made by him when he was the president of the BCCI, and as such with the complete trust and faith that BCCI placed in him,” Shirke told TOI on Friday.

“Those amendments (in ICC constitution) were possible only because of India’s support. In fact, the members of the BCCI were never taken into confidence when these changes were made in the ICC constitution.

“He should not forget his roots and origins. Manohar’s family has a very long association of over three generations with Indian cricket administration,” he added.

Manohar has received criticism from various quarters for not looking after the interests of Indian cricket, especially in the wake of recent disputes between the BCI and ICC over the implementation  of the Decision Review System (DRS) and the ICC over the implementation of the Decision Review System (DRS), the proposed  two-tier Test system and the budget controversy regarding the 2017 Champions Trophy.

While Shirke made it clear that the BCCI doesn’t expect any special consideration from the ICC, as was requested by former chairman N Srinivasan during his regime  with regards to the Big Three constituting India, England and Australia, he wants Indian cricket to be given its due and not be unfairly targeted considering their stature in the modern day game.

“One need not have to remind him that when he has to look at all members equally, that does not by any stretch of imagination exclude doing justice to the other members at the cost of India,” Shirke said. “BCCI has never asked for veto power in the ICC. What we have asked is what we feel is rightfully due to us. But if due to his posturing, the ICC wishes to give the BCCI a raw deal, let me assure you and the Indian public that the BCCI, led by its president, is more than capable of protecting its own interests.”

The BCCI secretary also  expressed his displeasure at how the finance  and commercial affairs committee and the chief executive committee were being  allowed to function without the existing vacancies being filled up.

“What is objectionable here is that the existing members of these committees are already meeting and taking decisions,” Shirke said.