BCCI makes changes to the Ranji points system

Shashi / 19 May 2015

The biggest and the most prestigious domestic tournament in Indian cricket is about to be played under a whole new system of allotment of points and the old system which took into consideration the lead in the first innings is no longer going to be used, the BCCI has announced.

From the next season of the trophy, for a team to secure a bonus point, they must scored 300 runs in 85 overs and should have taken 7 wickets at-least in the first 85 overs of the innings. This will make the game more aggressive as teams will try to score runs quickly, and will do away the old mentality of playing for a lead only in the first innings.

Anil Kumble who spoke to media after this decisions said that the decision was taken after three intense meetings and that the changes will strengthen the domestic circuit of Indian cricket. These measures are suggested by a technical committee consisting of coaches and captains and Kumble felt that these rules will make the tournament more exciting, interesting and also challenging.

There were changes in other domestic cups in the meetings. The Vijay Hazare one day tournament winner will play the in the years Duleep trophy alongside two teams that will be picked by the BCCI and the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy’s first phase will have groups in place of zonal system.

The Duleep trophy next year which will fall at the time of the T20 World Cup to be held in India will be postponed to avoid any clash the source from BCCI said.

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