BCCI threatened to form another cricket body parallel to ICC, says BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel

Shashi / 09 June 2014

According to the BCCI secretary, Sanjay Patel, BCCI had threatened to form a parallel cricket body to ICC, if the member nations do not agree to restructure the ICC. Finally , England Cricket Board and Cricket Australia agreed to it and from June 27 onwards, the new structure will come into place.

This did bring a lot of controversy from the media  , both from India and other countries. But according to him, this was necessary as India was not getting the right share of revenue, something which they deserved. India is currently responsible for 68 to 72 percent of the ICC’s revenue but they only get around 4 percent of the total profit. All the results have been studied  by a private agency , confirming India’s substantial role in ICC’s revenue. Also, it was Srinivasan who had asked the agency to prepare a report based on their studies.

Not getting the reasonable share of theprofit was the main reason why India thought of making a parallel cricket body, said Sanjay Patel.

Patel was addressing the annual convention of Sports Journalists Federation of India in Hyderabad, where he added that England and Australia first agreed to it and now all the 10 member nations have signed the resolution.

He also hailed the success of IPL7 and added that  UAE officials have shown keen interest in hosting IPL once in every 2 -3 years.

India will also get a major share of the rescheduled Future Tour Programmes and is likely to host  2 major ICC events in the coming 8 years.

Also, N Srinivasan will be the first Chairman of the ICC in Melbourne  later this month. He explained that Supreme Court has not put any restrictions over this. Patel along will Srinivasan, will be leaving for Melbourne . He feels that Srinivasan has not done anything wrong , but since he is a citizen of the country, he is abiding by this.




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