It’s been few days since cricketing legend Ian Botham called for Indian Premier League (IPL) to be scrapped, former England  captain Geoffrey Boycott has have made the comment that it is not the T20 tournament but the Indian cricket board is exercising enormous power that is becoming detrimental to the game.

His reaction to Botham’s comments about the IPL being “too powerful” for cricket’s “long-term good”, Boycott stated to The Telegraph that he doesn’t think it is the IPL, India are powerful and not the IPL. The IPL has been good for cricket and he doesn’t find any bad in that.

Stressing on IPL’s positive impact, Boycott exclaimed that getting people to watch cricket and investing more numbers than there have been is very good for the game. What is not good for the game is when one country has so much power that many other countries are frightened of it. All the decisions are really made by India and that is very much threatening, is what he is trying to tell.

However, the cricketer-turned-commentator said that it should be noted that many years ago the imperial cricket conference was run by Australia and England — they both had two votes each when the others had one.

To him that was unfair too and maybe they remember that they were treated unfairly and now their top dogs, they are going to run the game. Two wrongs do not make a right though. It was not right for England and Australia to run it with two votes and now it is not right for India to be so powerful. It’s not the IPL it is the Indian cricket board where the problem lies he exclaimed.

Botham, last week had called for the scrapping of IPL, saying the T20 domestic event is “too powerful” for cricket’s “long-term good” and the game would be better off without the tournament and to him IPL is having an damaging effect.

He is worried about the IPL; in fact, he feels it shouldn’t be there at all as it is changing the priorities of world cricket. Players are slaves to it. Administrators also bow to it, Botham had said while deliveringthe 2014 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s.

Not all England players and ex-cricketers are averse to India’s domestic T20 league with Kevin Pietersen being a strong advocate of English participation in the event. English cricketers can “forget” about the shorter format unless they embrace the IPL, Pietersen did exclaim this. He said his efforts to get his countrymen to play in the IPL have fallen on “deaf ears”.


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