Ben Stokes fit to bowl ahead of third ODI

Krishna Chopra / 29 August 2016

The third ODI at Nottingham holds the aces for both the teams. For England, a victory here will give them yet another home series win and that will mark their dominance in ODI’s. From Pakistan’s perspective, though, a win at all costs is needed, otherwise, just further embarrassment awaits them. Trent Bridge has been a desired venue for England, and with Pakistan already crumbling under pressure, the series could well be decided here.


For England, there has been a massive boost as all-rounder Ben Stokes was declared fit to bowl in the third game. Stokes, who missed the third and fourth test of the series courtesy his injury, wasn’t fit enough to bowl for the first two games. But all rounder has now recovered and is all set to trouble Pakistan.


“The plan from the start was to be fit and ready to bowl by the third ODI,” Stokes said. “By the way, things are going it is looking likely I will be an option for Eoin Morgan in Nottingham if needed.”I have done all the prep to get myself fit and put my hand up and say I am ready to bowl. I bowled for about 15 minutes flat out and all the build-up stuff I needed to do has been done.”


The flamboyant all-rounder added that he was “bored” when he wasn’t allowed to bowl his overs. “Not bowling makes the fielding innings seem a lot longer. It’s so boring. If you bowl 10 overs, it kind of takes 20 overs out of the game for you. “But knowing I wasn’t going to bowl in these first two games, I worked longer on my batting in the build-up days. It’s normally quite hard to get everything into training that I want, so it’s been quite nice to solely concentrate on the batting in these first two games. But I will be going into the next training session trying to put my hand up and say I am fit to bowl,” he said.


When questioned about his batting, the southpaw mentioned that he at times got a tad over aggressive. “I think sometimes I have been drawn into trying to be too aggressive too early,” Stokes said. “So something that I have learnt is that I can give myself time. I don’t need to be going out and reverse sweeping and sweeping for four and six. I can just try to rotate the strike. Singles are just as valuable as boundaries if you are rotating the strike and not letting the bowlers settle,” all-rounder said.

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