Ben Stokes, Matt Prior provides evidenece against Jadeja

Sampath Bandarupalli / 28 July 2014

The JadejaAnderson contraversy is going in a new direction after some England players made some new allegations over Indian All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja resulting in money penality.

After Jadeja was found quitly to an offence of Level 1after been charged with Level 2, India are sure about their allrounder that he hasn’t commited any wrong and should not have been fined 50% of his match fee. It is been understood that at the hearing, England witnesse players Ben Stokes and Matt Prior, suggested to match referee David Boon that Jadeja had turned in a aggresive manner towards James Anderson, and the English fast bowler had to commitee a self defence. Also Anderson’s case hearing over Level 3 charge will be heard on August 1.

It is known that Prior contended Jadeja’s bat was raised dangerously when he turned towards Anderson, and Stokes suggested Jadeja was the who had pushed first. India have claimed Jadeja neither touched nor swore at anyone.

There is another narrow passage inside the pavilion, where both teams have to take before parting ways to their dressing rooms, and the incident happened there as opposed to the popular view in the staircase.

Sources claim England’s case at the hearing mainly focused on Jadeja who allegedly with Anderson by turning around. India claimed Jadeja only turned around after he was allegedly sworn at once again. Dhoni specifically said before the third Test in the press conference that Jadeja’s bat had stayed tucked under his arm. And also Indians were unhappy about the security cameras not working on that day.

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