Team India faced a very humiliating situation in Australia

Raj / 26 December 2014

In case a stories currently running on social media is to be believed, Team India had to face a very humiliating situation when on the Christmas Day, the team was not invited for a dinner hosted in the Crown Plaza Hotel. Although team Australia was taken for a dinner but no one even bothered to fulfill the given norms of protocol to ask guests for the dinner. As a result of this, team India along with the team Director Ravi Shastri had to eat in a canteen situated in the basement.

Prior to this, just after the practice session, the managers of MCG had done excellent arrangement of perfect light, mic, audio and readily available support staff to cover the press conference of newly appointed Australian captain Steve Smith. But when Indian captain MS Dhoni arrived just after 2 hours for the press conference, there were no arrangements. Not even a mic was there. MS Dhoni with his strong voice did the press conference, but there were no lights for the cameras. Somehow Dhoni finished the question answer session but this pathetic attitude of Cricket Australia needs to be questioned.

It has been underlined in the story that after this biased and disrespectful treatment, one is bound to question the cause of this shameful act as after playing just one series with India, cricket Australia generates earning equivalent to their three years income.

And look at the agony of the fate, all this has happened on the same ground where just a month ago, a grand dinner, in the name of cricket diplomacy (during the recent visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi) for 500 people was hosted.

Perhaps the BCCI has no time to take care of nations pride as their able administrators are busy in preparing clarifications on the issues pointed out by the Honorable Supreme Court for the alleged gross irregularities noticed in the working of these administrators.

Already the spot fixing scandal has damaged the prestige of the cricket control board and also our performance outside India had not been glorious – the faith of a common man is shaking. Thus it is high time that the issue is taken up at the highest level so as to uphold the pride and self respect of the nation. 

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