Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s men, who won the first Twenty20 tournament in 2007, the India’s blind cricket team is the present champions of the T20 Blind Cricket World Cup.

The rules of Blind cricket are a little bit different. The bowler shouts out before he starts the run-up to make sure the batsman on strike is attentive. In blind cricket bowling style allowed is only underarm using a ball that makes sound while travelling, so that the batsman can assess and gets ready to play shots. This technique is also helpful to he fielder who can try to capture ball with the sound of it. A blind cricketer (also known as B1 as he is on strike) gets two runs for every run he scores..

Like with regular cricket, there is much of a craze for an identify in the India’s blind cricket team too. With over 20,000 players taking part in blind cricket of which more than 3,000 of them play in state sponsered cricket stadium, blind cricekt is in a healthy state. At least 20 state on an average have 10 teams each. In Current Indian team four players are blind, three are partly spotted blind who can see up to three meters, and the toher four can see up to six meters.

But the blind cricket is, as things stand, is not recognised by the BCCI and hence there is a sense of insecurity there. Those involved in organizing it are finding it difficult to generate money and create the infrastructure to further widen the game. 


Source of the story: Satyamev Jayate


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