It has not been a couple of weeks of his demise but mysteries seem to unfold via an interview given by Clive Rice for a forth-coming book. If sources are to be believed Rice, the former captain of South Africa cricket team, confessed his disbelief over the official final reports on the death of Pakistan coach and former English cricketer Bob Woolmer during the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Bob was found dead in his hotel room in Jamaica while the World Cup was going on in West Indies. Official report said that he had succumbed to a heart attack but Clive had different views over it.

“I have serious doubts about Woolmer’s death.I heard the trachea had been damaged, then someone told me about a heart attack. Now, how is that possible?” the South African maestro was quoted saying for the upcoming Harper-Collins book ‘Fixed: Cash and Corruption in Cricket’.

To be noted, Woolmer died the day following the Pakistan team’s defeat to Ireland and exclusion from that season of ICC World Cup. Both the coach and the then captain, Inzamam-Ul-Haq recieved death-threats after the defeat itself.

Inzamam-Ul-Haq with Bob Woolmer


To add to the suspicion, there was a witness to the Woolmer incident- David Wong Ken, a local DJ who had himself claimed to have been present during the incident but did not turn up during the case as instructed by his lawyer.

“It would have been disgraceful for the image of the World cup organisers if a murder was revealed. We in South Africa made a mistake. We should have performed an autopsy on his body when it arrived in the country”, Clive added. According to him, Woolmer knew a lot of things regarding match fixing and the fact that he was planning to publish a book with those informations took his life.

This is not all. Clive has also expressed his suspicion upon the death of Hansie Cronje.

Hansie Cronje

In his words, “In Cronje’s case, the automated take-off and landing signals were switched off at the airports. I play golf with one of the judges, and got the final case report from him. I sent the report to a friend of mine who deals with air crashes in his official capacity. He told me how the signals had been switched off. In that respect, the case report was very fishy indeed.”

Hansie Cronje was a celebrated South African cricketer and the team’s captain who later was banned for life from cricket following his role in match-fixing.

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