The clouds of Match-Fixing has yet again started in cricketing world. Brendon McCullum was asked to submit a testimony on fixing scandal by the ICC and now that confidential testimony was publicly disclosed last week. This created a havoc among former New Zealand cricketers,namely Chris Cairns , Lou Vincent, Andre Adams. International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive David Richardson has announced an investigation into how Brendon McCullum’s confidential testimony to anti-corruption officials came into the public domain.

McCullum had reportedly said a former star, Player X, whom he described as “a hero who became a friend”, offered him up to 107,000 Pounds ($180,000) to underperform in matches. The current New Zealand captain said he was “shell shocked” at the approach and had reported the same to the ICC’s anti-corruption and security unit (ACSU).

Although Media has already guessed it as Chris Cairns since he was a big Star in New Zealand team some years before and had played with Brendon McCullum, Chris Cairns,though, clearly denied all the allegations and said he is not that “Player-X” .

Player X is believed to be the same person who former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent admitted that he fixed matches for. Vincent is believed to have agreed to a plea bargain with ICC in the hope of avoiding a criminal prosecution for his involvement in and knowledge of spot-fixing in five or more countries between 2008-2012. Vincent was revealed last December to have been under investigation along with fellow New Zealanders Chris Cairns and Daryl Tuffey over allegations of match-fixing. He later confirmed he had been approached by bookmakers.

Cairns on the other hand repeatedly asked ICC to provide some copies of Vincent’s documents but ICC was more loyal towards the media than on the former New Zealand Skipper.

Now after these incidents Former New Zealand cricketer and a good friend of Lou Vincent, Andre Adams have feared of Vincent’s safety after he went public about these fixing related matters. Adams also added “It’s scary for me, I don’t want to wake up one day and hear that my mate’s gone because he’s made some bad choices”.

On the other hand Andre Adams lashed out at former New Zealand player Iain O’Brien as O’Brien had called Vincent “a fixer, a cheat and many more unprintable things” when he was plying his trade in the Indian Cricket League.
Vincent said he had identified 12 games around the world which involved fixing, including Auckland Aces’ games during the Champions Trophy in South Africa in 2012.
ICC playing it fair and said that McCullum acted quite properly and the matter is ‘Urgently investigative’.

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