Brexit, short name for British exit, as you have heard over the past two days is the decision made by the people in United Kingdom to leave the European Union. This has affected the world’s dynamics get affected in a major way as pound hit 35-year low against dollar yesterday.

Here we look at how Brexit will impact England’s very own Premier League and County Cricket which features two most popular sports of the world.

Premier League will get most affected due to this decision as the league have lot of European players from other countries involved. County cricket would not get affected as much as Premier League but also has considerable impact.

Key effects to Premier League:

1. There are 432 Non-British European players playing the top flights in United Kingdom and with UK moving away from EU, this would lead all these players to apply for work permit. The work permit is not easy for new players as a player from a top-10 nation has to have played in 30 percent of their games in the two years prior to the date of application to be granted a work permit.

2. Decreasing price of pound has hit English economy so hard that now they were surpassed by France in just 1 day. This decline in currency meant that Premier League clubs need to change their transfer plans as the price to buy players from other clubs would be more costlier than before.

3. Since England is leaving EU, this means that they cannot sign any young player from other European clubs at just 16. Now, they will be treated as a non-EU country and they will need to wait until the player reaches 18. However, clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid can just sign the talents in Europe when they reach 16.

The effect is not immediate but with the British set to leave EU in 2 years, unless a significant deal is reached, the consequences could very well be quite devastating with as almost all European players needing to apply for work permit.

As far as cricket is concerned, the impact is not as huge as Premier League but County Cricket will also have its own impact.

The impact can be considered because County clubs have reduced foreign signings dramatically over the past few seasons as they account for only 6% of player base. The number of Kolpak and EU passport players have reduced and this result mean that there could be even less Kolpak players in the coming days.

A Kolpak player is an an overseas player who has not played for his country over the last 12 months and have signed an agreement with county club. The player will not have the chance to represent his country during the contract and will have chance to play for England after 4-year stint with the county cricket. Notable names who were Kolpak players in the past are Faf du Plessis, Brendan Taylor, Shaun Pollock, Grant Flower and many others.

The Kolpak players could be even less in the coming days as the earnings would take a considerable dip with a falling pound which attracts lesser overseas players to the county cricket.

However, unlike football the county cricket could prosper with this major turnaround as the English cricket could nurture their own talent and could develop their own players through their system and become a dominant force in the upcoming years.

Other sports will also have a huge impact with this decision as few sports might prosper while some will get affected over the time.

    I am a sports enthusiast. Primarily a football fan these days post the golden era of Indian cricket.

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