Cricket is all about innovation and trying to be in the game throughout the duration. In order to be innovative and within the game, presence of mind plays a vital role. It is the presence of mind of an individual which gives his team the edge over the other team.

MS Dhoni, is said to be a person who is blessed with a great presence of mind. He has time and again provided viewers with some innovative ways to get the opposition batsmen out. One such instance from Dhoni was against the Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2008 edition of the IPL.

During the 20th over of Kolkata’s innings, Joginder Sharma bowled a fine yorker to Laxmi Ratan Shukla, when the score was 145-8. As only a couple of bowls were left, the non striker, Ishant Sharma ran for the bye, when Shukla failed to connect on the leg stump yorker. Shukla though, was never interested in the run. Both the batsmen ended up at the same ends and the ball was with Joginder Sharma, who just needed to whip the bails off.

But then, Dhoni signaled something to Sharma and asked him to not take the bails off. Poor Shukla, not knowing a thing, walked out of his crease to speak to his partner as he was walking off to the pavilion. As soon as Shukla left his crease, Dhoni asked Joginder to take the bails off and he did that. By the virtue of being out of the crease and in the opposite direction of the bowler, Shukla was run out, and not Ishant. Ishant had already got inside the batting crease till then, while Shulka was nowhere.

This was a great move as Shukla could have hit a boundary on the last ball, which could have made a difference. As a whole, it was sheer brilliance from Dhoni.

Here’s the full video as to how things happened –

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