Build up to the 2015 Cricket World Cup

The 2015 Cricket World Cup which is just months away from getting underway has been running in the minds of each and every team for a long time. The teams have already began their preparation for the 2015 Cricket World Cup. The Build up to the 2015 Cricket World Cup can be divided into two parts. First one is the preparation of teams till August and the other is the prepartaion from September 2014. The phase beginning from September 2014 is crucial for the teams as well as the players ahead of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Lets take a look at the preparation for each and every team before the 2015 World Cup. The most crucial phase ahead of the 2015 cricket World Cup contains the following series:

Pakistan vs Australia

Oct 5: Only Twenty20, Dubai

Oct 7: First ODI, Sharjah

Oct 10: Second ODI, Dubai

Oct 12: Third ODI, Abu Dhabi

Oct 22-Oct 26: First Test, Dubai

Oct 30-Nov: Second Test. Abu Dhabi

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe

Oct 26-Oct 30: First Test, Chittagong

Nov 3-Nov 7: Second Test, Chittagong

Nov 11-Nov 15: Third Test, Mirpur

Nov 19: First ODI, Mirpur

Nov 21: Second ODI, Mirpur

Nov 23: Third ODI, Mirpur

Nov 26: Fourth ODI, Chittagong

Nov 28: Fifth ODI, Chittagong

India vs West Indies

Oct 8: First ODI, Kochi

Oct 11: Second ODI, Vizag

Oct 14: Third ODI, Cuttack

Oct 17: Fourth ODI, Kolkata

Oct 20: Fifth ODI, Dharamsala

Oct 22: Only T20, Delhi

Oct 30-Nov 3: First Test, Hyderabad

Nov 7-Nov 11: Second Test, Bangalore

Nov 15-Nov 19: Third Test, Ahmedabad

Australia vs South Africa

Nov 5: First T20, Adelaide

Nov 7: Second T20, Melbourne

Nov 9: Third T20, Sydney

Nov 14: First ODI, Perth

Nov 16: Second ODI, Perth

Nov 19: Third ODI, Canberra

Nov 21: Fourth ODI, Melbourne

Nov 23: Fifth ODI, Sydney

Pakistan vs New Zealand

Nov 11-Nov 15: First Test, Abu Dhabi

Nov 19-Nov23: Second Test, Dubai

Nov 27-Dec1: Third Test, Sharjah

Dec 4: First T20, Dubai

Dec 5: Second T20, Dubai

Dec 8: First ODI, Dubai

Dec 12: Second ODI, Sharjah

Dec 14: Third ODI, Sharjah

Dec 17: Fourth ODI, Abu Dhabi

Dec 19: Fifth ODI, Abu Dhabi

Sri Lanka vs England

Nov 26: First ODI, Colombo

Nov 29: Second ODI, Colombo

Dec 3: Third ODI, Hambantota

Dec 6: Fourth ODI, Colombo

Dec 10: Fifth ODI, Pallekele

Dec 13: Sixth ODI, Pallekele

Dec 16: Seventh ODI, Colombo

Australia vs India

Dec 4-Dec8: First Test, Brisbane

Dec 12-Dec16: Second Test, Adelaide

Dec 26-Dec30: Third Test, Melbourne

Jan 2-Jan 6: Fourth Test, Sydney

South Africa vs West Indies

Dec 17-Dec 21: First Test, Centurion

Dec 26-Dec 30: Second Test, Durban

Jan 2-Jan 6: Third Test, Capetown

Jan 9: First T20, Capetown

Jan 11: Second T20, Jo’Burg

Jan 14: Third T20, Durban

Jan 16: First ODI, Durban

Jan 18: Second ODI, Jo’Burg

Jan 21: Third ODI, East London

Jan 25: Fourth ODI, Port Elizabeth

Jan 28: Fifth ODI, Centurion

Triangular Series in Australia featuring India and England

Jan 16: Australia vs India, Melbourne

Jan 18: Australia vs England, Sydney

Jan 20: England vs India, Brisbane

Jan 23: Australia vs England: Hobart

Jan 26: Australia vs India, Sydney

Jan 30: England vs India, Perth

Feb 1: Finals, Perth

Feb 14: 2015 Cricket World Cup


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