Chris Cairns, the former New Zealand cricketer has affirmed that he has been concerned over the accusation of match-fixing by the police finally. He has managed to win a libel trial against Lalit Modi, the logroller of Indian Cricket in 2012 which called for corruption in the Indian Cricket League that has become extinct.

Cairns along with two fellow former Black Caps and Lou Vincent has been dubbed in international media stories; they had broken through an International Cricket Council enquiry over the blame for match-making. But he stated that at that time he had not been verbalized to the ICC or British Police as they did not approach him to spill the beans about the issue.

Cairns has upheld today in a statement that now he has been addressed for the investigation and he is perishing to be taken with the enquiry commission over the upcoming few days, though he could not capture the details about the attributes of the probe. Cairns believes that a he has nothing to shroud, but he is gratified as he has been called for straightening out the issue once and for all at least.

In the interim the lawyer has been arrested who claimed himself as a spectator for the Cairns his libel trial against Modi. Andrew Fitch-Holland has been admitted to the custody, The Telegraph newspaper affirmed.

The Metropolitan Police would just confirm that a 49-year-old adult male has been picked up on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. The Telegraph also reported that Scotland Yard officials were in New Zealand conducting inquiries, but Police wouldn’t confirm that.



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